Leather Fashion Accessories

ANTORINI is a successful fashion brand whose designer fashion accessories are loved by women and men all around the world. The reason for ANTORINI’s popularity is the highly attractive design of fashion accessories on the one hand and a literally tangible link to tradition on another hand. ANTORINI managed to combine a sense of style with timelessness and to link these elements with the line of traditional Italian aristocratic style.
ANTORINI is a brand of designer fashion accessories. The fashion collections are very popular with everyone who appreciates top quality. Imperfections are not welcome. Every product has been carefully designed and processed in detail. Whether you choose leather, silk, cashmere wool or silver, you will always be able to tell that the products are made of the material of the highest quality and with maximum care.

Perhaps the best example of extraordinary ANTORINI products are their neckties. The folded ties of the brand are famous for their absolute perfection. High-quality silk is used for production, and the ties are carefully hand-crafted and then hand-sewn. The result is impressive, and the ties are absolutely perfect in all respects.

However, ANTORINI is not only a brand of luxurious ties. The brand’s fashion collection also includes beautiful ladies’ scarves and neck scarves. Each piece is the work of leading designers and refined to perfection. Women will appreciate the top quality silk and the sense of elegance as well as variations in wearing, especially with long scarves.


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